Everstanding 1000

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The Second Chapter_

___Normon sat up, feeling extremely odd. It was odd, because she was-... oddly comfortable all of a sudden. "s-she-" Normon stammered. "What the text on the screen said now makes a lot of sense actually-" Normon sat and stood up, wondering what to do. After some time she decided to go and check up on Cornillia, so Normon tried to remember the route to her residence. "that all could have been a dream-" she thought. "Well no, that would be rather foolish of me, because clearly something happened." To Normon's vague surprise, it legitametly was not a dream, because when she looked out the window she saw houses not like her own but still in the random era's styles. There was even one that looked kind of futuristic, but just one, and it turned out to be made of stone slabs later on. Normon got off of the floor and was hungry, so she went to the kitchen to get something to eat. Just like the last time she had looked in the fridge, there were no brand logos on any of the products, just genaric looking labels with similar graphics to what was on them before. Normon grabbed a lemon seltzer which had previously been a la-croix, and made some toast which she didn't remember the bread's brand of origin from before. "Wait, wasn't I out of bread?" exclaimed Normon, confused. "I totally was out of bread before this- huh." After eating, she left the house to try and find her way around this weird cluster of a town.

Chapter 3.